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How we design our Gay Greeting Cards #3

“Ho Ho Ho” Tom of Finland Christmas Card

Welcome to our third installment of “How We Design our Gay Greeting Cards”.

In this gallery, we highlight Kweer Cards’ “HO HO HO” Tom of Finland Christmas Card which showcases Tom’s 1981 naughy Santa images Take a look below at the evolution of this festive illustration into a brand new Kweer Christmas card.

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Tom of Finland Bandanas

This week, Kweer Cards released it’s latest product: Tom of Finland Bandanas! These bandanas have the markings of your traditional handkerchiefs — along with 12 sexy leathermen, biker boots, flying penises, ropes, and the Tom of Finland logo all emblazoned alongside the hearts & paisleys. They come in 4 different colors (red, pink, turquoise, and royal blue) and look sexy AF around your neck, your wrist, hanging out of your back pocket, and even hanging on your…wall.

Once we unboxed them, we knew we had to set up a promotional photo shoot to help advertise these hot hankies. Here are some of the images featuring the bandanas, our friend Chelsea Zeno, and our creative director, Derek Bishop.

For the design process, we started off trying to incorporate the more photo-realistic illustrations from Tom of Finland’s catalog. The goal was for each quarter to have a different type of “Tom’s man”: The Cowboy, The Leatherman, The Blue Collar Man, and The Seaman. (see the example below.) However, worried that these illustrations might not reproduce well in the screen printing process, we opted to go with Tom’s pen & ink illustrations. Using these solid black and white images proved useful and dynamic. We were even able to pull the perfect “leather boot” image from one of Tom’s earlier drawings and incorporate it the bandana design.

Overall, we could not be more pleased!
Our customers must feel the same — as these Tom of Finland bandanas are selling like mad over here at Kweer Cards.

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How we design our Gay Greeting Cards #2

Tom of Finland "Happy Birthday Sexy" Gay Greeting card

Welcome to our second segment on how we design our gay greeting cards.
In this gallery, we highlight our Tom of Finland Birthday card: ”Happy Birthday Sexy”, which showcases Tom’s trailblazing work as an LGBTQ artist. This peeping-Tom meets leather-clad motorcycle-man image was created in 1961.

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Tom of Finland Playing Cards

A look at our latest Tom of Finland Collaboration

We could not be more pleased with our latest Tom of Finland project! We worked along side the Tom of Finland Store and ToF Foundation for months picking the best images and designing this instant classic — now available at! Each set of cards contains 54 different ToF images. Each suite is broken down into a different type of Tom’s Men: the HEARTS are all the sexy sailors and seamen; the SPADES are the hot leathermen and cops; the DIAMONDS are the studly cowboys; and the CLUBS are Tom’s classic blue collar dudes. (And the two Joker cards are bonus images!) Each number card has a theme too: for example, the TENS are all bare butts, the SIXES are feet/boots and shoes, the NINES being bare chests, and so on.

Bring these cards to your next game night or poker event and you will be the life of the party! These are also great for Solitaire — though you may get distracted by all the sexy fellas and not be able to finish you game! ;)

Pick up a pack today — for yourself or for a friend!

How we design our Gay Greeting Cards #1

Tom of Finland "Postman Package" card

Hello and welcome to our first segment on how we design our gay greeting cards.
In this behind the scenes video, we highlight our latest Tom of Finland greeting card: The “Postman Package” card, which makes a great birthday, anniversary or “anytime” card.

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Happy #WorldPride from Kweer Cards

Happy Post-Pride from Kweer Cards! We hope everyone had an amazing pride celebration. For us, it was magical: We met SO many wonderful folks from around the globe, coming to say hi and picking up some gay greeting cards, our new gay pins, and our collection of Tom of Finland products. The sun was bright and the breeze was so strong it nearly took our booth up, up and away into the sky! (Yes, we almost had our first Mary Poppins experience!)

Thanks to everyone who came out to say hi and support us — and a special thanks to our friends, our amazing intern (Justyn!!), and especially the team at #PrideFest who made everything run so smoothly! We cant wait to see you all again at the next event!!!

xoxo — Mr. Unicorn

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