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Tom of Finland Playing Cards

A look at our latest Tom of Finland Collaboration

We could not be more pleased with our latest Tom of Finland project! We worked along side the Tom of Finland Store and ToF Foundation for months picking the best images and designing this instant classic — now available at! Each set of cards contains 54 different ToF images. Each suite is broken down into a different type of Tom’s Men: the HEARTS are all the sexy sailors and seamen; the SPADES are the hot leathermen and cops; the DIAMONDS are the studly cowboys; and the CLUBS are Tom’s classic blue collar dudes. (And the two Joker cards are bonus images!) Each number card has a theme too: for example, the TENS are all bare butts, the SIXES are feet/boots and shoes, the NINES being bare chests, and so on.

Bring these cards to your next game night or poker event and you will be the life of the party! These are also great for Solitaire — though you may get distracted by all the sexy fellas and not be able to finish you game! ;)

Pick up a pack today — for yourself or for a friend!