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Tom of Finland Bandanas

This week, Kweer Cards released it’s latest product: Tom of Finland Bandanas! These bandanas have the markings of your traditional handkerchiefs — along with 12 sexy leathermen, biker boots, flying penises, ropes, and the Tom of Finland logo all emblazoned alongside the hearts & paisleys. They come in 4 different colors (red, pink, turquoise, and royal blue) and look sexy AF around your neck, your wrist, hanging out of your back pocket, and even hanging on your…wall.

Once we unboxed them, we knew we had to set up a promotional photo shoot to help advertise these hot hankies. Here are some of the images featuring the bandanas, our friend Chelsea Zeno, and our creative director, Derek Bishop.

For the design process, we started off trying to incorporate the more photo-realistic illustrations from Tom of Finland’s catalog. The goal was for each quarter to have a different type of “Tom’s man”: The Cowboy, The Leatherman, The Blue Collar Man, and The Seaman. (see the example below.) However, worried that these illustrations might not reproduce well in the screen printing process, we opted to go with Tom’s pen & ink illustrations. Using these solid black and white images proved useful and dynamic. We were even able to pull the perfect “leather boot” image from one of Tom’s earlier drawings and incorporate it the bandana design.

Overall, we could not be more pleased!
Our customers must feel the same — as these Tom of Finland bandanas are selling like mad over here at Kweer Cards.

Get yours today — they make GREAT gifts too! — at!